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September 24th

Two years ago I was advised by my aunt’s physician that in order to keep her in her apartment, we would need to find support services. The advice was to apply for the Choices for Independence program in the NH Medicaid program.

As I started the process of accumulating the data necessary to file an application to get my aunt approved for the program, it quickly became apparent that I would need some guidance as the requirements were overwhelming. I was given the name of a company called Peace of Mind Medicaid Consultant, LLC owned and operated by Barbara Barney.

I met with Barbara and was immediately impressed!!!  She was extremely informative about the requirements necessary to complete the application and patiently explained all of the nuances and confusing requests for information by NHHS. We had some unexpected hurdles to overcome and Barbara was right there to handle them. 

Barbara worked tirelessly through the whole process and after several months of intense communication and follow-up my aunt was approved for the Choices for Independence program and has received the in-home services that she needs for the past year. 

I would highly recommend Barbara Barney to anyone going through the process of obtaining coverage for NH Medicaid. Barbara’s knowledge of the process is excellent and she is always calm and supportive. It is very stressful to have a loved one needing assistance rather urgently and having to go through the very intense approval process.  I was extremely satisfied with the service and support that I received.



The Bryant family

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