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Peace of Mind Medicaid Consultant​We are seeking a Chair of the Board Member to help strengthen our Non-Profit as our organization continues to grow.  We are seeking someone with :


  • Strong Leadership Experience

  • Willing to organize and prepare Annual Meetings via zoom

  • Easy to work with and flexible and open to suggestions as changes arise.

  • Notifies the Board of Directors when individual issues come up and voting is needed immediately

  • Willing to use technology for meetings and voting rather than in person meetings.

  • Communicate with Board of Directors, CEO and Grant Writer

  • Assist with recruiting new qualified Board Members.

We are also looking to fill the following positions:

  • Vice Chairperson - someone willing to work with Chairperson, Board of Directors and CEO

  • Treasurer - someone willing to work with Chairperson, Board of Directors, Accountant

  • Secretary - someone who is able to use electronics - Zoom Programing to record meetings. Send off minutes to Chair, Vice Chair, Board of Directors, Treasurer and CEO timely.

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